Employee SupportEmployee Support Time Entry QuestionsHow do I enter time via the "Clock In Clock Out" method?

How do I enter time via the "Clock In Clock Out" method?

If you have multiple assignments, select the name of the assignment from the drop-down at the top of the portal.

When you start your work day, click the Clock In button.

If you are eligible for different hours types from your firm, you will choose the type here, or just leave as Normal. This is also where you will select the specific project or task you are billing hours against.

Click OK.

Click OK.

Click OK again after the confirmation message. The Clock In button changes to Clock Out and is now red.

Once you have clocked your time, click the Clock Out button to end your time on that time block.

Click OK to confirm your clock out.

Once finished clocking in/out for the week, click the Submit Timesheet button at the bottom of the page and accept any notifications that pop up. You can also view your timesheet by clicking the View Timesheet button.