Enhanced E-Signature


Onboarding is a workflow tool used to collect fully executed, legally binding documents.

With this in mind, there are two main E-Signature standards to consider: UETA and E-Sign. They both share four common tests that need to be met when documents are signed electronically:

  • Intent to sign
  • Consent by the signer to do business electronically
  • Association of signature with the record
  • Record Retention

Expand each section below for additional information on how E-Signature complies with each of the above tests.

Document History

Candidates and contacts are able to access the document audit history from the user portal, similar to what is accessible to administrators in the admin portal. Below are a few things that users are able to do with documents within the user portal:

  • Users are able to view documents as PDFs in a separate tab by selecting View > View Document.
  • Users are able to view the history of documents by navigating to View > Doucment History.

Users are able to perform these two actions with documents that are in any state (Sent, In Progress, Submitted, and Approved).

Emailing PDFs of Approved Documents

When a user selects Submit for the first time on any document, they will be provided with a password that they are able to edit. The PDF that is being emailed will be encrypted with this password. In order to open the PDF, the recipient will need to input the password.

Login passwords cannot be used as the encrypted PDF password.

After a user submits one document, all subsequent documents will display the previously entered PDF password on the “Submit” pop-up. If the user wants to update the PDF password after they set it, they will need to do that via their user profile.

The user will receive an email with a password protected .zip file. When the user attempts to open the file, they will be prompted to enter the password previously set on the "Submit" pop-up or the changed password if it was adjusted. The .zip file contains all of the approved PDFs.

The .zip file contains any documents that were submitted and approved in a two hour window. The zip file is compiled and sent after two hours without any approval activity.


Please contact Bullhorn Support if you would like this feature enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was every signature on my document removed?

If an administrator un-submits a document, all signature fields are cleared.

Any change made to the document after it is submitted will require users to re-sign it.

As an administrator, why am I not able to edit signature fields on documents?

Administrators do not have access to signature fields assigned to employees or contacts. You will receive the below prompt if you attempt to access signature fields on documents assigned to employees or contacts:

As an administrator, why am I not able to make edits on documents?

Once a user submits a document, administrators are no longer able to make edits to fields assigned to that user. The administrator must unsubmit the document to make any additional changes.